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Our company can offer you a wide range of semitrailers for rent, semi-standard range of favorable conditions and in accordance with your needs. We rent a variety of standard Krone, Schmitz, Koegel etc. semi-trailers:


  • Mega-curtain;
  • Semi-curtain;
  • Semi-curtain (with full eligibility certificate);
  • Semi-Trailers (with and without full eligibility certificate);
  • Refrigerators;
  • Container chassis (20), (20 “- 30”) (20 “- 40”) (20 “- 40” – 45 “).


All semi-regular, fully equipped and ready to work. We can prepare the semi-trailer according to the customer’s individual needs.   The proposed duration of the lease from 1 to 12 months. The lease period is calculated from the semi-pick- up to the due date (in days) after signing an acceptance certificate. Rental price compatible with each client individually and according to customer needs. Imam LTL 2000 deposit for a single unit (4000 LTL refrigerated applicable deposit), to be released, or set off only after payment of the semi-trailer. Account for the lease is issued once a month, on the last day of the month and paid by the 15th day of the following month.   Semi-trailer rental price includes:


  • Casco insurance;
  • Third party liability insurance (green card);
  • Technical inspection of vehicles;
  • Vehicle user fee;
  • Technical services;
  • Semi-trailer repair;
  • Maintenance.


Our rental fleet location address: Tvenkinio g. 6, Mažonų km., Taurages reg., LT-72152   Due to the specific conditions of the lease please call +37061236301 or e-mail: daitrada2@gmail.com   Save your company’s resources and funds to transport fleet and all their attention you can devote to its core business without worrying about the rent state of the art.   We can provide your first proposal, please fill in the fields below according to your wishes as soon as possible and we will contact you.
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Dainius Kriščiūnas


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Remigijus Martinkus


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